Mirosław Maj

Founder and President of the Safe Cyberspace Foundation and Vice President of ComCERT SA. In 2017-2018, he was advisor to the Minister of National Defence. He is a member of the Digitisation Council of the 5th term. Previously, he was associated with the NASK National Research Institute where he managed the CERT Polska team. He was a member of the Permanent Cybersecurity Team of the Republic of Poland appointed by the Head of the National Security Agency, he participated in the development of the National Cybersecurity System Act. He gives lectures on information and communication security at Warsaw University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, PwB, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and Warsaw School of Economics. As part of the Foundation, he participates in a number of projects promoting awareness of cybersecurity. He is the originator and initiator of the establishment of the Polish Civic Cyber Defense as a voluntary organisation supporting the cybersecurity system of the Republic of Poland. He is a co-founder of an international foundation – Open CSIRT Foundation, developing maturity models for incident response teams.

Since 2012, he has coordinated Poland’s first cybersecurity exercise – Cyber-EXE™ Poland, held in major economic sectors. He participated in building new CERTs in Poland and abroad. He coordinated the NATO CLOSER project that established CERTs in Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. He co-organises cooperation of European CERTs within the Trusted Introducer and GEANT TF-CSIRT initiatives and he conducts accreditation and certification processes of these teams. He works closely with the ENISA European Agency, being a member of subject-related working groups and a co-author of many papers issued by the Agency.

For several years, he has been a speaker at national and international conferences on cybersecurity. He is the originator and organiser of the Security Case Study conference series. He is also the originator and co-author of the first Polish podcast on cybersecurity – the “Cyber, Cyber”