Artur Frankiewicz

Master of Science in Computer Science. In 2007, Graduated from the Faculty of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. In 2014, Completed PhD studies in the area of Data Mining. Gained professional experience working in the IT sector in Poland, Germany and Australia. For over 10 years professionally associated with company AIUT, where is currently holding position of IoT Department Director. His role in the organization is to bring to the market with comprehensive solutions in the area of the Internet of Things. By conducting Research and Development projects and external projects in the OEM model, closely involved in the process of creating and protecting the intellectual property rights of both AIUT and its partners. Managing projects in the areas of electronic design, long-range and low-power communication systems (LPWAN systems), industrial electronics designed to work in the explosion hazard zone (compliant with the Atex intrinsic safety directives). Member of the European Committee for Standardization and a national expert of the Polish Committee for Standardization in the field of standardization of communication protocols. Actively participating in the international organization like LoRa Alliance. Author of several publications as well as patent applications in the field of wireless communication mostly in the area of the Smart City systems.