Andrzej Horoszczak

Andrzej Horoszczak is the founder of Billon, a company that is changing the fundamentals behind the way money, documents and personal data is stored and moved between people and businesses.
A former Wall Street IT whizzkid, Andrzej experienced first-hand the inherent flaws and inefficiencies of an antiquated IT system serving global trade and finances. The 2008 crisis mobilised him to take action. Andrzej saw the potential for the distributed ledger technology to form the basis of an evolved, trustworthy and efficient new system for the global exchange of value.
After returning to his native Warsaw, he assembled a team of free-thinking engineers, mathematicians and cryptologists with a shared vision to civilize existing blockchain technologies and make them ready for daily use. Their key objective was to create a decentralized system simultaneously securing digital money, trusted digital information and users’ identities. This team became Billon in 2015; a company that unleashed the transformational capabilities of DLT, creating a high-performance system for enterprise use. Andrzej served as its first CEO and currently, as the CTO and CVO, ensures Billon maintains the technological lead of its world-class enterprise DLT system.