Louise Marie Hurel
Cybersecurity Researcher, Royal United Services Institute

Louise Marie Hurel is a researcher working at the intersection between technology, cybersecurity and geopolitics. Her research focuses on cybersecurity as it relates to expertise, private governance, diplomacy, capacity building, development, and emerging threats. She is a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute’s (RUSI) Cyber Team and a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Throughout the past decade, Louise has coordinated Igarape Institute’s Digital Security Programme, has founded the Latin American Cybersecurity Research Network (LA/CS Net) and has advised specific agencies of the United Nations on data and cyber security, contributed to the work of the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report and has provided multiple research-based talks to governments, companies and scholars. She has published has been featured in both mainstream and specialised media outlets such as the Foreign Affairs Latin America, Agence France-Presse, Council on Foreign Relations, Lawfare Media, Americas Quarterly, Open Democracy and journals such as the Journal of Cyber Policy. Her work has also been cited in official national cybersecurity strategies and international organisations’ reports. In 2023, Louise was nominated as a 35 under 35 Future Leaders by CIDOB-Santander.