Carlos Moreira da Silva
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at 33N Ventures

Carlos Moreira da Silva is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at 33N Ventures, having been investing in cybersecurity and infrastructure software since 2013. Carlos has been non-executive board and board observer companies such as Arctic Wolf, Cybersixgill, Deepfence, Excellium, Hackuity and Reblaze. 

As co-chair of the Investment working group at the European Cybersecurity Organization since 2018, Carlos has been active in supporting the strengthening of the European cybersecurity investment ecosystem close to the main European and National institutions. 

33N Ventures is the European specialized cybersecurity and infrastructure software VC investing globally in €1-€10M ARR companies. The team has been investing in the space for the last 10 years, with +20 investments and 3 unicorns – Arctic Wolf, Feedzai and Outsystems. 

33N is supported by a strong Strategic Committee and Advisory Board encompassing +40 top founders, experts and decision makers spread worldwide and across the industry.