Cyber Fortress

Dunaj hall

“Cyber Fortress” is a simulation game of building the most resilient security system for the ICT environment and responding effectively to various cyber threats. Each team gets a predetermined budget, which can be increased during the course of the game. Teams at their disposal have a variety of safeguards from many areas, not just technology. The effectiveness of purchased security features is evaluated during the game in terms of prevention (identification and protection) and reaction (response, detection and recovery).

The team that best prepares its organization for the actions of cyber criminals wins. In Cyber Fortress you will play out a scenario based on real incidents observed in cyberspace. The scenarios relate to real cases. You can test your competence in dealing with them. It is worth noting that the game, despite the fact that it takes into account real technical attack vectors, does not require technical competence from the players.

The Cyber Fortress League, within which the tournament will take place, is a competition against cyber security teams throughout the competition season. You can join the League at any time. Learn more about the Cyber Fortress game and the competition at: Teams that will participate in the 5th Tournament physically (during the CYBERSEC CEE EXPO & FORUM 2024 Conference) will compete for a special prize: a voucher for a training conducted by the Fundacja Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń – a one-day specialized training based on the Cyber Fortress platform.


Register your participation today, as the number of available places is LIMITED! It can be done until 14:00 on 19.06.2024. Registration at: You can register your team or apply on your own – then you will be assigned to one of the teams formed during the conference.


Before the tournament begins, you will be able to test your skills in a short scenario as a warm-up at the Fundacja Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń stand – we will be at the Conference from the very beginning (19.06.2024). To play Cyber Fortress, you must bring a device with an Internet browser (laptop preferred). We will also provide a prize for the team that achieves the best score in the warm-up scenario!

Take part in the 5th Tournament of the 4th Season of the Cyber Fortress League, which will be held at 17:00 on the first day of the conference.