June 20th, 2024, 2:00pm – 4:30pm

• Welcome speech- Dr. Andrzej Bartosiewicz, CISO #Poland, CEO
• A European view of cooperation in the field of Cybersecurity – Joanna Świątkowska, Luigi
Rebuffi, ECSO’s CISO Community


• Legislative changes in Poland (NIS2, DORA, CER) – Łukasz Wojewoda, Ministry of Digital
• Challenges of the IT industry in the light of NIS2 and current threats – Dr. Andrzej Kochan,
Transport Certification Center, Warsaw University of Technology
• A practical approach to cybersecurity and the requirements of EU regulations (NIS2, CER,
CRA) on the example of critical infrastructure sectors and companies – debate, led by Dr.
Andrzej Bartosiewicz


• Security and cybersecurity in the rail transport: Challenges and strategies for the future –
Piotr Combik, Director of the ICT Office, Office of Rail Transport
• The impact of the European CRA regulation on maintenance processes in the field of
cybersecurity – producer responsibility in the European Union – Józef Michalik, Vice-
President of the Management Board, NEWAG S.A.
• Cyber-challenges for transport and logistics companies – NIS2, certification, cyber threats –
Piotr Józefczyk, Group CISO, Raben


• Quantum technologies – cyber threats and cyber hopes – Sebastian Konkol, Anna
Streżyńska, member of IQM Quantum Council
• How the law sees AI cybersecurity in the context of AI ACT– Artur Piechocki, AP Law
• AI – Opportunities and threats in the area of Cybersecurity – Arkadiusz Osypiuk, CISO
#Poland, Chairman CISO #Poland #AI
• The dark side of AI: How to protect what we don’t understand? – Piotr Kluczwajd, CEO &
Chief AI Officer, SOC360