The Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń SA Group (PZU Group) is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe, with businesses in five countries: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, and consolidated assets totaling nearly PLN 400 billion. PZU SA heads up the Group, its traditions dating back to 1803, when the first insurance company was established on Polish soil.  

In Poland alone, the PZU Group serves approx. 22 million clients, enjoying the leading position in the insurance market and remaining at the forefront of the banking, investment and healthcare services markets. The PZU brand is also among the most recognizable brands, known to virtually each and every Pole. 

Since 2010, PZU SA has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and has been included in the WIG20 index since its IPO. Since 2019, it has also been included in the WIG-ESG sustainable development index.